Board of Directors


Mr Nguyen Huu Binh
Deputy General Diretor - Production Manager
Year of birth:1971
Speciality: Mesters, Civil Engineer
Experience: since 1994

Mr Le Nguyen Tinh
General Director
Year of birth: 1972
Speciality: Civil Engineer, IT Engineer,
Professional Business Administration,
Pile Testing Professional.
Experience: since 1995

Mrs Vu Thi Viet Nga
Deputy General Director - Domestic Manager
Year of birth: 1978
Speciality: Bachelor of Business Administration,
English Bachelor, CFO Certificate
Experience: since 2000

Mr Bui Duy Duong
Deputy General Director - Business Manager
Year of birth: 1980
Speciality: Bridge & Road Engineer,
Professional Business Management.
Experience: since 2003

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