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Current status survey.

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    I. Purpose:

    Survey on the current status of buildings around project is essential work as a basis for assessing the damage  caused by the construction of project, settlement of disputes and compensation (if any) between the investor and the owner of the surrounding buildings.

    II. Survey content:

    1. Prepare layout of surrounding buildings in the survey area

    • Locating buildings

    • Make a list scale of the buildings

    • Overall description

    2. Making the current state record for each buildings

    a> Make drawing of the current status of building.

    • Plan drawign of building

    • Typical sections

    b> Describe the current state of building

    • Scale of the building

    • Structural 

                # Foundation structural
                # Bearing structure
                # Cover structural, decorative

    • Building status

                # Describe the overall state of the building, year of construction ...
                # Description of work items, focus on susceptible items such as foundations, infrastructure, bearing structures, walls, floors, cover, decorative, such as foundations, summer terrace, walls, columns, floors, doors, Ladders, roof, water supply, special items (if any) such as swimming pools, aquariums, drains the area ...

    3. To make the photo profile

    • Photos accord the description of building

    • Get certified by owners

    III. Survey results
    Survey results include
    1. Overall Survey documents including drawings overall; Overall description; category and scale of project.
    2. A documents of each building survey include: overall profile; Detailed records; pictures

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