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Project Management

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    Work flow of  project management (PM) services:

    The  first tasks for PM are to involve in Assessing the need  of the Owner in order to.
    get  a complete understand of the  Project.
    ADCOM shall review and make recommendations to the Owner to achieve the followings goals

    •  Maximize overal value of the project
    •  Minimize overal cost of the project
    •  Provide competitive quality product and remarkable marketing strategy
    • On time delivery

    Work scope of PM services:
     As listed below, typically, PM will perform these functions to organize all activities to maximize effectiveness of the Project. Time, quality, and cost management and control are involved in the work scope of PM. 
    • Constructability review
    • Risk analysis
    • Establish procedure manual
    • Construction cost analysis
    • Interface management
    • Prepare quality management plan 
    • Survey pre-qualifying bidders to assist in developing lists of possible bidders
    • Develop and coordinate bidding procedures and provide all bid information 
    • Assist bid opening, review and make recommendations
    • Support owner in the selection of the related contractors
    • Review and monitor contract terms and conditions, and recommend alternatives of solutions
    • Establish incorporated PM plan which includes process, cost and quality
    • Construction claim management
    • Construction inspection 
    • Construction administration management
    • Management for construction progress, quality, interim payment
    • Project information management 
    • Project release to the owner
    • Exploitative document and certificates
    • Collection of guarantee and warranty document from contractors     
    • Commissioning test for the project
    • Certificate of occupancy

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