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Vertical Compression Load Test

Product code : 792



    Purpose of the test: Determine the characteristic value of the single pile vertical bearing force;
    Testing method: cycle loading to maximum testing load or failure.
    Testing procedure: arcordance to testing standard: TCVN 9393:2012 - “Piles - Standard test method in situ for piles under axial compressive load”; ASTM D1143 or equivalent standards of other countries
    Testing steps:
    • Preparation works.
    • Process the head of the test piles.
    • Installing the hydraulically jacks.
    • Installation the bearings and counterweight systems or anchor system.
    • Install monitoring system.
    • Testing.
    Testing report:
    • Project name and location.
    • The employer, designer, pilling contractor and the testing agency.
    • Document of test piles.
    • Testing result sumary.
    • Tested pile records/ Field testing records.
    • Load-settlement relationship graphs (Q-s).
    • Graphs of load and settlement to time (Q-s-T).
    • Comments and conclusion with suggested load capacity.