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Dynamic load test

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    Purpose of the test: determine bearing capacity of bored piles/pre-cast pile/barrette... based on the measurement of velocity and forces at pile head using CASE method and/or CAPWAP.
    Testing method: Method used is to measure the velocity and stress by accelerometers and strain transducers under the impact of hammer, which is enough to drive the test pile 2-3mm down
    Testing procedure: arcordance to testing standard: ASTM D4945 or equivalent standards of other countries and Designer 's specifications.
    Testing steps:
    • Attach 2 accelerometers and 2 strain transducers symmetrically to pile shaft at the level of 2 pile diameters from pile head.
    • Enter the parameters, test sensors. Adjust the sensors if necessary.
    • Drive 2 - 5 blows to the pile head using a heavy hammer.
    • Check the signal quality, re-drive if the signals are not good.
    • Turn off the equipment and move to other pile.
    Testing report:
    • Project name and location/ The owner, designer, piling contractor and the tester.
    • Tested pile records.
    • Summary table of test results.
    • Graphs of forces, velocity, bearing capacity, energy to time.
    • Simulate load-settlement relationship graph and computing tables for CAPWAP analysis.
    • Conclusion and comments.