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Osterberg Load Test

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    Purpose of the test: To determine the load capacity of barrette /bored pile with large bearing capacity (hard to using Vertical static load test).
    Testing method: Osterberg cell (O-cell) is mounted in the lower pile/barrette body . Ocell act in two directions: upward against the skin friction and downward against toe force and the lower body stress (if any).
    Testing procedure: arcordance to testing standard: ASTM D1143 or equivalent standards of other countries
    Testing steps:
    - To complete the digging hole for barrette / bored pile.
    - Pour the cement into the bottom of the hole.
    - Place the steel cage into the hole.
    - Concreting for barrette / bored pile.
    - Wait for concrete of barrette/pile reaches design strength.
    - Installation of the measuring system and hydraulic pump.
    - Loading.
    - Record the displacement and pressure.
    Testing report:
    - Project name and location.
    - The employer, designer, pilling contractor and the testing agency.
    - Document of test piles.
    - Site record (displacement and pressure).
    - Load-settlement relationship graphs (above O-cell).
    - Load-settlement relationship graphs (below O-cell).
    - Graphs of load and settlement to time Q-s-T) (to compare with vertical load test).
    - Comments and conclusion with suggested load capacity.
    - Appendix, include table and record data.