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    The purpose of the method is check some parametters of boredhole: size (diameter and depth), shape of the drilled hole (vertical level, tilt,...).
    Testing method: KODEN test utilizes the principle of ultrasonic wave travel from sensor to the wall of boredhole and reflect to the sensor through the bentonite slurry as a media. Wave travelling time varies with size of the hole so it can be interpreted to reflect characteristics of the hole accordingly.
    Testing procedure: According to the special procedures of each device manufacturer or according to its own standards by Design consultant regulations
    Testing step:
    • Check the boredhole and bentonite slurry (or polyme) before testing.
    • Locate the KODEN machine by crane.
    • Input data.
    • Place the winch unit over the top of boredhole or on the steel casing. Position the sensor at the center of the hole.
    • Lower the sensor into bentonite slurry. Hole the sensor at depth approximately 1.00 to 1.50m for initial calibration.
    • Apter calibrations, restore the sensor to the starting position and perform the test. The tests are carried out in downward monitoring and upward monitoring. Boredhole profile along 2 perpendicular axes are printed out immediately.
    • Submit testing reports at the site.
    Testing report include:
    • Testing reports are printed by the KODEN machine.
    • Conclusion and recommendation (Location/depth where abnormality occurs such as reduction in diameter, or collapsed wall)