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Pore water pressure monitoring

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    The aim of monitoring:
    Monitoring pore water pressure of the ground layer to track changes in pore water pressure under the effect of the load, in order to calculate the consolidation of soft ground. Monitoring groundwater levels to serve the ground load calculation.
    Combined with static water level monitoring, determining pore water pressure increment.
    The results monitoring to help verify the results of the design calculations, control the impact of construction, promote or delay the construction .
    Method monitoring:
    Piezometer vibrating wire is made of a pressure-sensitive diaphragm with vibrating wire structure, protective casing. When the water system through the sieve is very small hole make up the film pressure sensitive effects caused changes in frequency on vibrating wire structure. Frequency signal is transmitted to the device to read the signal recorded through cable. Based on the frequency of vibration and we can know the water pressure in the sensor placement. The sensor is also built-in temperature probe to monitor the temperature around the sensor placement.
    Process of implementation: According to ISO 8869 : 2011 Process measure pore water pressure in soil or according to its own standards by Design consultant regulations
    Monitoring report:
    • Layout of measurement points , monitoring data.
    • The value of pore pressure changes vesus times .